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Terra & Zeraki: A Pioneering Partnership in African EdTech and FinTech

In the landscape of African innovation, two sectors have been making significant waves: education technology (EdTech) and financial technology (FinTech). As Africa's young population surges, there is a growing need for advanced, scalable solutions in both of these domains. Recognizing the transformative potential of this intersection, Terra is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Zeraki, one of Africa's leading EdTech platforms.#### **The Power of Collaboration**For the uninitiated, Zeraki is a dynamic platform that empowers teachers, students, and institutions with comprehensive educational tools, from interactive lesson plans to performance analytics. Their mission has always been clear: make quality education accessible and affordable for every African learner. Terra, on the other hand, brings to the table a robust set of financial tools designed to empower businesses and individuals across the continent.The synergy here is unmistakable. With this collaboration, Terra's FinTech solutions will be integrated into the Zeraki platform, paving the way for seamless transactions. Schools and institutions can now manage their finances better, from paying subscription fees to accessing premium Zeraki features.#### **Benefits for the End-User**Students and parents stand to gain immensely from this partnership:1. **Effortless Payments:** No longer will parents need to visit educational institutions or banks to make payments. With Terra's solutions, they can make secure payments directly through the Zeraki platform.2. **Scholarships and Financial Aid:** Terra's financial infrastructure can be leveraged to facilitate scholarships and aid, ensuring deserving students don't miss out on quality education due to financial constraints.3. **Transparency and Trust:** Every transaction will be recorded, ensuring total transparency for parents and institutions alike.#### **A Step Towards a Unified African Ecosystem**This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it's a statement. It reinforces the belief that when African businesses come together, they can build an ecosystem that rivals any other in the world. The integration of FinTech in EdTech, as showcased by Terra and Zeraki, can serve as a blueprint for future partnerships across different sectors.#### **In Conclusion**The Terra-Zeraki partnership is a beacon of hope and a testament to what's achievable when visionaries from different sectors unite for a common goal. As we move forward, students, educators, and institutions across Africa will soon realize the tangible benefits of this alliance, bringing quality education and financial empowerment closer than ever before.

a month ago
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Streamlining Healthcare in Africa: Terra's Partnership with MedNow

The African healthcare landscape is one that holds immense potential, yet it faces a multitude of challenges. From access to critical care in remote locations to seamless administration of medical services, the room for innovation is vast. Recognizing this gap, Terra embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with MedNow.The Confluence of Fintech and HealthcareWhen people think of fintech, they often visualize digital wallets, e-commerce, or perhaps peer-to-peer lending. Rarely does healthcare enter the picture. However, MedNow and Terra believe otherwise. Combining the strengths of fintech with the urgencies of healthcare can catalyze transformative change.MedNow: At the Forefront of ChangeMedNow is not just another healthcare provider. They’ve consistently showcased commitment towards revolutionizing medical service delivery in Africa. Their mission? To ensure timely, affordable, and quality healthcare is accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographic or economic status.

3 months ago
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KTDA using Terra's Smart Cards to fight fraud.

The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) is introducing smart cards for farmers in a bid to enhance transparency and combat weight falsification and theft. Collaborating with Terra Softworks Limited, they'll distribute 560,000 smart cards to growers. These cards will be synchronized with growers' mobile phones, streamlining sales and purchase processes.

10 months ago
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Cup of Uji & Terra Partnership to automate school feeding.

In the vast landscape of Kenya, countless children begin their academic journeys on an empty stomach. Cup of Uji is a beacon of hope illuminating the path for over 10,000 learners daily. This initiative, founded by the visionary Francis Otieno Amonde in 2011,  has aimed to ensure that every child receives the essential nourishment they need to thrive in their educational pursuits.However, as Cup of Uji's mission expanded, new challenges emerged. With the ambitious target of nourishing 100,000 young minds daily on the horizon, the need for a seamless transaction process became paramount. This is where the innovative prowess of Terra WaaS stepped in.

2 months ago
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Feeding the Future: How Terra Changed the Game for Food for Education

In a continent blessed with diverse cultures and rich histories, Africa bears the weight of challenges. Among them is access to quality education, which remains an elusive dream for many of its children. But now and then, a spark of innovation lights the way, proving that when technology and passion converge, transformation is inevitable. Such is the story of "Food for Education" and its empowering partnership with Terra. A Hunger for Change: Food for Education isn’t just any non-profit; it's a beacon of hope for countless Kenyan schoolchildren. With a clear mantra, "Feed a child, feed a mind," this organization understands that the future of a nation lies in its educated youth. By providing nutritious meals, they ensure that no child has to choose hunger over textbooks. But like any organization aiming for significant change, challenges were aplenty.Managing meal transactions, dealing with multiple vendors across vast regions, and ensuring every penny reached its intended purpose – these challenges often seemed impossible.

4 months ago
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